Change your keyboard switches

hardware keyboard


Just because you can. And because it is fun. And because you can learn something new. And because you can. Or you just bought another expensive board and the experiment with linear switches failed. And switching the switches is cheaper than buying a new board.

It is not like a 5 minute job. It takes some time and you need to be careful. But it is doable.


Take your time. Carefully remove all key caps. Might help to put them somewhere in order. Remove all old switches. Read explanations from the board makers before. But basically ensure pulling straight upward. Then put in the new switches. Before pushing a switch, ensure pins are correct. Even when new, transport may have one or another been bent. After pushing a switch into place: test. Put back all key caps. By the way: this would have been the perfect time to apply your favorite key caps you always wanted to use.

Tips applicable to a hot swappable keyboard. Soldering is considerably more complicated and time consuming.


I also use a heavily customized layout. If you’re interested, take a loook: