PyCharm an i3

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019
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i3 and PyCharm: the uglyness that is the splash screen

I am running i3 on my machine. It makes me (maybe subjectively) more productive than something like KDE Plasma and suits my development workflow well. Recently I started working more with Python and started using PyCharm.

Though I am not focussed on having a perfect visual appearance rather than the workflow having the splash window forced into a tile made it look that ugly that I decided to find a solution.

Querying the window criteria for the splash screen it unveiled the following information:

[class="jetbrains-pycharm" id=109051949 instance="jetbrains-pycharm" title=" "]

Note the space in title. Other PyCharm windows looked like this:

[class="jetbrains-pycharm" id=109051975 instance="jetbrains-pycharm" title="Welcome to PyCharm"]

Easy enough? Something like this should work:

for_window [class="jetbrains-pycharm" title=" "] floating enable

Not quite. But close enough:

for_window [class="jetbrains-pycharm" title="^ $"] floating enable