Welcome RedHat to the game of ... well, business going crazy


RedHat is forcing clones to rework their operational model (and maybe breaking their promise) .

The community is not liking the decision. Take this for example: Dear Red Hat: Are you dumb?

This actively questions any use of open source where RedHat is involved. Ultimately, they are a business and as such have to follow some rules. Accepted. Putting other businesses (who could have been customers for RHEL sometime in the future) on pressure is …

Well, like Netflix account sharing (remember: they encouraged it at one point in time: loving is sharing) only for businesses. Kinda

Here you can read the announcement. And dependent distros also reacted:

What the future will tell us? Will RedHat revert their decision? If not, will dependent distros find a way on their own and stay in the enterprise market?