Running tclip on a Zimaboard

hardware tailscale


Because private gists are fantastic and along with tailscale and Zimaboard it is easy to host.


I recently got my hands on a Zimaboard. It is powerful and comes with CasaOS preinstalled. I am also a fan of Tailscale which is probably one of the easiest while still ultra secure VPN solutions out there. Best: they have a very generous free tier.

They recently published a blog post about tclip, a simple, not sophisticated way to host your gists privately.

My idea was to combine tcliwith Zimaboard using the CasaOS UI. Once again, it is proved, that well thought through tools combined account for a great experience.

Once I add a custom app (see configuration screenshot below) everything runs.

Before Go Modules

Just give the container a name (I used tclip) for convenience.