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Saturday, Aug 21, 2010

What is SUR40

Samsung SUR40 was formerly known as Microsoft Surface Table and is a big screen with touch input. It’s main difference is it’s ability to see using infrared sensors built into the display. Therefore it is possible to react on business cards or other stuff placed on the screen. While the screen can be mounted vertically, this feature makes most sense when used horizontally.

What was the task<

FUJIFILM asked us to provide a new experience for creating photobooks based on Microsoft Surface unit ( the first one, not created by Samsung ) for Photokina. Later we created a product out of the initial prototype and connected it to production line and when SUR40 was released we made an update to support the brilliance of the new display which is a perfect match for your digital images.

Where can I see it

If you are in Australia you might have luck to see it in stores. For all others have a look at SYZYGY Deutschland GmbH‘s Vimeo video:

What was my task

My task was to plan the architecture to deliver a working prototype and later to integrate with FUJIFILM’s production line. I helped shaping the real thing out of the visual concept. Work was done using WPF for the frontend and C# on the backend. Multiple services were created to connect the table with a render process that created images of the single pages with resolution high enough to print them out. Then they were transferred to the production line for printing out.