Wednesday, Jul 11, 2018


This project is a configurable commit-msg hook. You can either configure using a global configuration file of a repository configuration file. If both exist, repository file will be merged into global configuration file.

The global configuration file is located in the HOME directory of the user and named .commit-hook.yaml while the repository specific file is in the root of the repository and named .commit-hook.yaml.

Both files have the same structure.

Configuration file structure


subject-line-length: 50              # Length of the subject line at a maximum
body-required: false                 # Is a body required for a commit
separate-body: true                  # Should the body be separated by a blank line
body-line-length: 72                 # Maximum length of body lines
enforce-body-line-length: true       # Should too long body lines be treated as an error or as a warning

ignore:                              # a list of regular expressions to ignore lines (no check)
  - ^#.*                             # ignore comments

subject:                             # Match the subject against those expressions
  - ^[a-z]+(\([a-z]+\))?:.*[^\.]$    # have feat(web): bla match, no . at the end allowed

occurs:                              # Match somewhere, check for existence
  - TICKET-[0-9]+                    # have a TICKET-1 as a match


Put the binary into your path.


install hook

The application has a helper to install the hook:

git-commit-hook install

You need to run this in the root of your project ( the folder containing the .git folder ). If there is an existing hook you have to force it ( -f ).

uninstall hook

Similar to the installation process, there is an uninstall helper:

git-commit-hook uninstall

Essentially this just removes the hook, so it would remove any other hook also. So be careful.


Version Description
0.2.0 configuration file is now named .commit-hook.yaml
fix: project configuration now correctly located in repository root
fix: run subject line length
0.1.0 Initial version