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Create go projects from templates

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go-template stores templates locally by cloning them from a git repository. While not necessary, this is required to use management commands.

Each template contains a .go-template.yml which contains information like the name of the template, homepage, etc and metadata required to apply the template.

Cloning of the repositories is done by calls to git, so in order to have the management command working, your git installation has to be configured correctly.


Source code

go get livingit.de/code/go-template


There is one global configuration, the storage. It is a directory where the templates are stored and defaults to /.go-template. You can override it using the commandline, a ~/.go-template.yml containing the storage setting.


Placed in the root of the template repository this file enables go-template to use the repository as a template

  name: "go-rest"                                                    # Name your template
  description: "rest service implementation inspired by Mat Ryer"    # A longer description
  author: "Sascha Andres"                                            # Your name or handle
  repository: "https://github.com/sascha-andres/go-rest"             # homepage/repository

  templates:                                                         # List all files that are based on Go templates
    - README.md
  excluded-files:                                                    # List all files that shall not be part of new project
    - ".go-template.yml"
  renames:                                                           # rename files/folders
    - from: "go-rest"
      to: "{{ .Name }}"
  replacements:                                                      # Replace content in files, templates will not be treated
    - from: "go_rest"
      to: "{{ .Name }}"
    - from: "github.com/sascha-andres/go-rest/go-rest/cmd"
      to: "{{ index .Arguments \"Namespace\" }}/{{ .Name }}/{{ .Name }}/cmd"
    - from: "github.com/sascha-andres/go-rest"
      to: "{{ index .Arguments \"Namespace\" }}/{{ .Name }}"
    - from: "go-rest"
      to: "{{ .Name }}"

git: true                                                            # Initialize a git repository for new project

arguments:                                                           # List of arguments required to run template
  - Namespace


Repository management

Add a repository

go-template repo add --url <git-url>

Update all repositories

Iterate over all local repositories and issue a git pull

go-template repo update

Update a repository

Issue a git pull for a specific repository

go-template repo update --limit-to <name>

List all local repositories

Print out a tabular list of repositories installed locally

go-template repo list

Info for a repository

Print out information for a specific repository. Useful to learn about arguments required to run the template

go-template repo info --name <name>


go-template new --template <name> --name <project-name> --arguments [key=value],[key=value],...

Providing an argument more than one time will be considered an error

Template repositories


A rest service based on gin with prometheus metrics


Using code from https://gist.github.com/r0l1/92462b38df26839a3ca324697c8cba04


Version Description
0.3.1 remove some old url references
update readme for binary distribution without go get
0.3.0 add vanity url
0.2.1 add badges to README
0.2.0 add vendoring
add explicit templates
add .go-template.yml description
0.1.0 initial version