Thursday, Jul 21, 2016


webbuild is a docker container that runs your frontend build tasks. It was designed to have them running in a clean predefined environment yet being customizable

The container can be used using briefbote/webbuild


There are four flavors of this container:

You can use specific php versions by using them as a tag:

docker run briefbote/webbuild:56 for PHP5.5 for example.

The latest tag points to the PHP7.0 version

Build expects /src containing the source code and /app containing the release after all build steps have run.

Git is installed within the container.

The package build-essential is installed within the container.

Note about php-55

This container will not be updated automatically as support for PHP 5.5 has been retired. Version 5.6 will get security updates until 12/31/2018.

See http://php.net/supported-versions.php


NODEJS will be installed using nvm. It is respecting .nvmrc. After that, grunt, gulp and bower are installed


You can disable build tools ( installation and run ). Also it is possible to set a custom base directory. From a docker perspective you can inherit from this image and customize the resulting image with a pre- and postbuild script.

See https://github.com/sascha-andres/webbuild/wiki/Customization for more information.

Build steps

  1. $BASEDIR/.webbuild/prebuild.sh if it exists
  2. Loading $BASEDIR/.webbuild/variables.sh if it exists
  3. nvm install 4 or nvm install in .webbuild/ is .nvmrc exists there if using node
  4. npm install if $BASE/package.json exists
  5. bower if $BASE/bower.json exists
  6. composer without dev dependencies if $BASE/composer.json exists
  7. grunt if $BASE/Gruntfile exists
  8. gulp if $BASE/gulpfile.js exists
  9. angularcli if $BASE/.angular-cli.json exists
  10. $BASE/.webbuild/custom.sh if it exists
  11. task if $BASE/Taskfile.yml exists
  12. $BASE/.webbuild/postbuild.sh if it exists

Return codes

Non zero exit codes will be returned when one of the build steps are failing or /app is empty after step 14.


Assume you want to build a web application in the current directory containing the sources within the src subfolder and you want to place the build in the app subfolder.

Then you can run the build like this:

docker run -t briefbote/webbuild:latest -v $PWD/src:/src -v $PWD/app:/app



A very simplistic sample of it is in the samples/simple subfolder of this repository (note that test/app/ is in the .gitignore file).

To run the sample change to the test directory and run run.sh. It (re)creates the app subfolder ands starts a build that actually does nothing more then to copy the index.html using a custom.sh into the /app folder


Code is open source under the Apache 2.0 License. You can obtain it at https://github.com/sascha-andres/webbuild

If you want to contribute feel free to open an issue

on hub.docker.com



Feel free to contact me by creating an issue on https://github.com/sascha-andres/webbuild/issues. You can connect to me using Twitter at https://twitter.com/livingit_de.


History is now edited on GitHub WIKI: https://github.com/sascha-andres/webbuild/wiki/History